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This is a wonderful Coloring Book and I really appreciated to have the choice of two sizes for the PDF images, I choose the letter size to get the Border and the other one who have only 3 side of the Frames to practice with different medium, which it would be so fun to do!

Thank you so much to Lesley Smitheringale, I absolutely LOVE your drawing and the line art of these fabulous images are fantastic, love your art, can’t wait to color your spectacular coloring book! Recommended +++

I was so impressed with the cute woodland pictures I just knew I had to colour this little fox named ‘Butterfly Lullaby’ and this is just one of many in this gorgeous book full of the animals Bramble Brook Woods … each bought to life as beautifully as the last picture in Lesley’s line art.
If you love woodland animals and colouring animals this is most certainly a book for you. Detail is intricate on the pictures and lots of colour – but which books aren’t detailed ? It adds to the most amazing colouring experience. I know this is definitely a book I will return to in the future when I want to colour a cute woodland animal and I recommend highly to those who love to adult colour.
Michael USA

I ordered this book after I saw a picture on one of the Facebook Coloring Groups. It was so beautifully colored that I knew I just had to have this book. Easter is my favorite holiday. I enjoy the meaning of Easter and everything that goes along with it. I decorate like crazy for my grandchildren to enjoy and I love all the pastel and bright colors of Easter. Plus those darling Easter bunnies. I received this book today and haven't had a chance to color in it yet. But I just can't wait. Some of the eggs are simple enough for your children to want to color them, and then there are intermediate ones and some for colorist that are more advanced. I am going to copy some of the easy pictures to give to my grandchildren to color and then find a way to display them. Maybe put them in a frame with colored paper behind them as a border, then put a few in one frame overlapping a little and make a beautiful picture. I can't wait to get started on these pictures. So glad I ordered this book. It is absolutely perfect. Very satisfied.

I am so very excited by the beautiful illustrations in your new book Lesley – I’ve just been reading the story and it is adorable. I ABSOLUTELY love this. I love your art work, but this is the most incredibly special book I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait for Tuesday when I’ll have time to colour at least one of the pics. The cute tartan outfits also bring such a smile to my face. I have this little dream of finishing the book as a Christmas present for my grandson who is 4 (5 in October) and absolutely LOVES books. His Mom, (my daughter) adores anything Scottish and did Scottish country dancing when she was little and had pipers at her wedding. So it just ticks all my boxes and brings me such joy. Thank you for your wonderful art, I wish you so much success.

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