This is a sister site to Engaged in Art  and Oz Wildlife Studio, created and run by Australian artist and educator Lesley Smitheringale. It has been launched to focus exclusively on resources, inspiration and all things related to colouring and tangling.

Lesley SmitheringaleWho are you?

My name is Lesley Smitheringale.  I was born in Scotland and lived in Glasgow for many years before emigrating to Australia. I currently live in the Redlands area of Queensland with my Australian hubby and our 3 cats who actually adopted us. Long story:)

What are your qualifications?

I have a degree with Honours in Design which I obtained at Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Printed Textiles.  I have a Certificate for the Practice of Teaching Art which I obtained at Jordanhill College of Education in Scotland.  I have been an art teacher for over 20 years and 10 of those years was in a Secondary School in Cumbernauld, Scotland which I loved. I then taught in a private College in the Gold Coast for another 10 years before resigning.


What is your current job?art classes for kids in Redlands

After resigning from my safe and secure teaching job I took the plunge to work for myself and start a Small Business in the Arts. I currently produce my own artworks and hand-made products, created in my little studio which I sell in my online shops on my websites and on Etsy.

Oz Wildlife Studio Shop on Etsy has been successfully operating since 2008.

Colouring and Tangling Shop on Etsy was successfully launched in November 2015.

I have also been teaching extra-curricular art to young creatives in my home studio since 2010 and you can see what we get up to on the Engaged in Art Classes Website

I also act as a virtual art teacher on my Engaged in Art Website where I provide: art and craft resources for adult artists; children and students; and teachers.



Why did you create this Website and Shop?

  • To pass on the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the last 30 or so years as an artist, art educator, blogger, book author & self-publisher.
  • To provide top quality, unique, fresh and inspiring colouring and tangling resources in a variety of styles and themes which you will not find anywhere else.
  • To eventually provide a one-stop shop and Resource Centre for all of your colouring and tangling needs, saving you hours of time searching on the Internet which will cater for both Australian and International creatives. To centralise all things colouring and tangling such as Facebook Groups, books, apps, art materials and equipment, useful & inspirational websites,
  • To invite guest artists, colourists and tanglers [including certified zentangle teachers], colouring and tangling book authors, health and well being experts etc to participate and offer you their pearls of wisdom.
  • To provide colourists of my illustrations with online Galleries to showcase their work