My name is Lesley Smitheringale

I was born and raised in a small village about 20 minutes drive from Glasgow, in Scotland. Being a creative child, one of the happiest days of my life was being accepted into Glasgow School of Art where I gained a BA Honours in Design, specialising in printed textiles.

I went on to become an art teacher but was restless and wanted to stretch my wings so after doing a teacher exchange in Queensland, I fell in love with Australia which I now call home and happily live in the Redlands area with my husband and two cats.

Colouring and Tangling is one part of my many creative endeavours and I’ve recently returned to doing detailed illustrations which creative grown-ups can color after having a break of 3 years. I’ve been humbled by the supportive and loving welcome I’ve had from the many wonderful creative friends I’ve made along the way who have kept in touch with me all that time.

This site showcases all of my books, pages and PDFs which are available to purchase in the Colouring and Tangling Shop.

I also provide short instructional videos with tips and tricks to help you with your colouring and tangling.

xxx Lesley