This month’s theme for my patrons is Owls, inspired by a tiny little owl ornament I have in my study. This little owl seems to read my “mood” and changes direction all by himself. Sometimes he will be facing forward, feeling confident and “ready to take on the day”, other times he has his back to me, feeling shy and “reluctant to face the day”. He’s amazing and very accurate ๐Ÿ™‚

As usual, the month is jam-packed with heaps of value, catering for colourists with all interests, whether it be quick “bite-sized” colourings, full pages when you have more time, stationery products to make gorgeous cards, envelopes, tags, gift bags and bookmarks for gift giving, and planner pages/perpetual Calendars to help you organise your life.

I look forward to having you join us in all of the fun as a valued patron at xxx

Then we have “The Colourists” Tier which are the two main illustrations in the Collection as full pages to colour.

The next Tier is “The Stationery Lover” for colourists who love card making and gift giving. There are lots of goodies to colour and sometimes assemble such as folded cards with really cool matching envelopes, gift tags, bookmarks and a gift box.

TIP: When you’ve finished colouring the items, scan them or take a high resolution photo and save them on your computer so that you can print them out again and again. Imagine friends, family and teachers receiving gifts you’ve coloured and made yourself with love.

Next we have “The Planner Addict” Tier for colourists who love to journal and plan. There’s designs for the month of May, undated weekly planners and perpetual Calendars which can be used year after year when you have all the months in your Collection.

You could even take your coloured pages to an office supplies store and have them spirally bound. You can get little calendar hooks added too for the perpetual Calendars.

The next Tier “The Stationery & Planner Junkie” is the ultimate Tier if you’re a colourist who loves stationery, gift giving and planning. You’re a creative who loves hand-made items with your own colourings and personal touch. This Tier contains all of the rewards in all of the other Tiers.

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